A Front Yard For Entertaining

The front yard for entertaining stretches for over 289 feet along the private access road, North Iron Canyon.  The yard is completely fenced with white vinyl fencing covered with galvanized wire.

As both Iron Canyon and North Iron Canyon are cul-de-sacs, traffic is limited to local private traffic.  There are only about 10 properties beyond St. James Wood resulting in very low traffic flow.

The property boasts 2 automated slide gates, each 30 feet wide, bounded by antique brick pillars.  The main gate pillars are topped with gate lights and there is a wireless access controller attached to the left pillar.

The lower horse paddock is just to the right of the main gate with the loafing shed close to the driveway.

The extensive front lawn is graced with majestic oaks, sycamore trees, a large pine, an ash and in the center there is a small pond suitable for goldfish.

Extensive wiring is in place for landscape lighting although we have recently taken to replacing the halogen lighting with LED solar lighting.

They say pictures speak a thousand words.  We have a great collection of photos for you to peruse below.

We love the front yard for entertaining.  We have held weddings in the front yard near the lanai and parties including an open house for the recording studio with well over 100 guests.  This is a perfect large front yard for entertaining.  Never mind the miniature horses, they escaped their paddock !

While this is a safe neighborhood, we have network connected, high definition, day / night surveillance cameras placed strategically on both the main and studio gates.  This facilitates keeping the gates closed until the first guests arrive to enjoy our front yard for entertaining with us !  These cameras can be monitored from a tablet or cell phone when you travel.

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