The View From The Hill

The property reaches back from the private road on what is essentially a level lot.  The rearward 1/3rd of the property is hillside with a flat are on the top.  We have often thought of building a gazebo up at the top with a winding ‘secret garden’ path to take you there.  The hilltop is an ideal place for a gazebo surrounded by grape vines.

Stair To Hilltop

From the top of the hill one has a view that encompasses the whole valley for miles.  It is quite a sight to come up here on the night of July the 4th every year and watch the fireworks popping off all over the area.

There is an easement at the top of the hill that provides for our very friendly neighbor’s pool filter.  In return we have an easement to use their driveway to access the top of our hill in a vheicle through a chain link fence and gate.

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